I posted about this on a forum quite some time ago, but I figured I would share my story here too…

The Angelcare Baby Monitor was not something I always owned. When Lil’ Miss C was first born, we only had a Graco baby monitor. During the first few months of C’s life, I heard a lot of Mom’s taking about the Angelcare Baby Monitor. I was a little weary of purchasing it because it’s a monitor that is known to have false alarms. After hearing lots of rave reviews about the monitor, I asked for one for Christmas. 

In the beginning, I found the monitor to be a nu sense. We encountered many false alarms (where it would sound because it wouldn’t detect move, but everything was fine). 

BUT… then there was that one day where the alarm sounded not by accident. It had to have been the scariest moment of my entire life, and a memory I will probably never shake. It still makes me so teary just thinking about it.

Lil Miss C (just under 7 months at the time) had been sick with croup, and I put her down for an afternoon nap. JM had just run out to the store to pick up more baby Vicks and infant Motrin. Right before JM left I went to check on C and she was sound a sleep in the middle of the crib and right over the sensor. Shortly after JM left I sat down on the couch to relax, and that was when I heard the initial beep come over the monitor. I got up to head upstairs (I was in the basement). By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, the alarm was sounding. I felt like I couldn’t move fast enough to get to the top floor to C. The alarm was still sounding when I got to C’s room, and she was starting to go purplish in the face. By the time I scooped her up, she started coughing violently and gasping. I had no idea what to do, so I reacted by “mommy instinct”… I turned her tummy first into my palm and started pounding on her back and eventually got her to vomit. She vomited A LOT! It was everywhere. Once I finally got her calm, I took her into my room and sat her on my bed, she started smiling away and that was when it all hit me and I became I bawling mess. It was the scariest moment of my entire life.

What if I hadn’t made it to her room in time? What if the alarm hadn’t sounded? What if I had never purchased the monitor? I would’ve never known the distress she was in. It’s just all so scary to think about. I’m so glad that she was fine. 

I think it is safe to say… The Angelcare Baby Monitor saved my daughters life.

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