The weekend seemed to fly right on by… But isn’t that how it always feels?!? I’ll be the first to say that I had a great weekend. Everything that I had wanted to do, didn’t turn out… But c’est la vie! Everything else worked out just perfect, and I got to spend it with those I love the most. That’s what’s important.

1. On the weekend, I had hoped to take C to meet and visit with my Great Grandma for the first time. My Great Grandma turned 89 this week, and every year my Mom, Nana and I usually take a drive to go visit her. This year, that didn’t happen. I emailed my Mom to see if we could arrange a trip, and no one ever got back to me. My Great Grandma hasn’t been doing all that well recently and it really scares me that¬† Miss C may never get to meet her. I would really love to get a 5 generation photo of my Nana, Mom, Nannie, C and I. It’d be such a great keepsake. Not many people get to have a photo of 5 generations. I know I shouldn’t think in terms that my Nannie may not have much longer, but it’s quite hard not to given the circumstances. Le sigh.

2. It feels like C is never ever going to figure out this whole crawling thing. I wouldn’t say I’m let down that she isn’t crawling yet… Because I most certainly am not. I just thought she would have been by now. A lot of her baby friends got the hang of it between 7 and 9 months… and here we are entering month 10 and I don’t see her crawling any time soon. She might just surprise me one day, and just do it. Who knows?! She is quite mobile though, and loves to roll her way around the main floor. It’s quite cute.

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