1. We’ve finally found a sippy cup that Miss C loves, and is able to use all on her own. Phew!  We initially tried out the Playtex Sipster.

C would not drink from this sippy cup… She wouldn’t even try. We’d bring it towards her face and as we’d do that, she’d pierce her lips together and go “Pfffttt” until we’d take it away from her face. We ended up resorting to allowing her to drink water out of our glasses. This was all fine and dandy, until she grew the habit of wanting to drink everything from our glasses. It was getting ridiculous. Eventually I had enough and picked up Nuby No Spill Soft Spout Gripper with Handles cup from Babies’R’Us.

I only ended up purchasing one to start. I was worried about forking out a ton of money on something that would be a lost cause. C loved this cup from the get go. The soft spout made it so easy for her to drink from, and the handles were perfect. I ended up going out and purchasing two more today!!

2. My dog is starting to drive me mental. When C was a newborn, Diesel became a basement dog. He’s always been way to hyper for his own good… which as a result makes him very clumsy. It’s not like he’s a small dog either – he’s a black lab/border collie mix. Anyhoo… over the last little while I’ve been allowing him to hang out with C and I. Usually he’s been pretty good. That was until this past weekend. I don’t know what came over him on the weekend, but man… I was ready to give him away. On Friday, I was taking Lil Miss C outside to greet Daddy when he pulled in from work. As I headed out the door, Diesel jetted down the street. It took a neighbour stopping to help me coax him back into the house. He didn’t respond to his name… He was having a freaking field day. Almost getting hit by 3 cars must be an amazing accomplishment. Ack! Fast forward to Sunday night… JM had picked us up some tenderloins for dinner. He seasoned them and set them far back on the counter to marinate. We’d been hanging out on our deck and didn’t think much of it until I went in to get some more water and noticed they were gone. The dog had jumped up and ate them. Ugh, I was soooo pissed! There is really no point to all this… Diesel is just driving me bananas and I need to get it out there. Ugh!!!!

Oh and to boot… We took Diesel to the vet on Saturday for his annual check-up and a woman waiting in the room took it upon herself to comment on what a cute puppy we have. We had to tell her he wasn’t a puppy, rather that he’s 3 years old… and she was like “Oh wow – I would’ve sworn he was 8 months by how hyper he is!” Yeesh.

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  1. Sarah
    May 19, 2010 at 12:42 am (8 years ago)

    We just switched to the Nuby Soft Spout sippy too and he can finally drink! The playtex ones were a no-go with C and he also had no clue how to use the ones with a straw.
    Yay for Nuby!

    And silly, Diesel. Hope he calms soon!


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