Wow… Today marks 40 weeks and 2 days since I gave birth to Lil Miss C. She’s now been out as long as she was in. It’s crazy to even fathom that! I still remember when Miss C was first born, I thought for sure it’d feel like an eternity before I’d reach her 9 month birthday… and well now, it has already been here and passed… and it never really felt like that long ago.

I can still vividly remember screaming out the moment Miss C was born “She isn’t crying yet… why isn’t she crying yet”… I hadn’t even given her a chance to start.I can still remember how scared and heartbroken I was as my midwife passed my daughter over to the respiratory nurse as soon as the cord was cut…  All the stress of the final few weeks of my pregnancy and dealing with constant visits to the midwife/hospital as a result of my distressed baby had completely overwhelmed and surrounded me following her birth… I was just dying to hold her in my arms and know that everything was okay. It honestly feels like just yesterday I had the NICU nurse passing Miss C over to me for our first of many snuggles (after being suctioned by the respiratory nurse directly following delivery).

I never understood before holding Miss C for the first time what a Mother’s love was or how strong it could be. It’s such an amazing feeling… the unconditional love I have for her. Miss C is my pride, my joy, my everything. I love her beyond words can even begin to describe.

The past 9 months have been filled with many ups and downs… However the ups certainly out-weigh the worst of moments. There have been many a time that I’ve felt like the worst Momma ever, and like I may as well give up… But every Mom has those. It’s normal. Miss C has made my life even more worth living now that she’s present. She has such a wonderful personality. She’s such a funny, personable, fun-loving baby! I’ve enjoyed watching her reach so many new milestones over the past 9 months, and can’t wait to see her grow and reach many milestones in her lifetime to come.

Although my most favorite and cherished moment in the last 9 months has been watching my husband fall in love all over again with another girl… Our daughter! It’s so amazing to watch them grow their bond together. She truly is a Daddy’s little girl.

Happy OALASWI, baby girl!

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  1. GTA Mom
    May 9, 2010 at 3:36 am (8 years ago)

    Happy OALASWI LO!! 🙂 We’re approaching this date too! Hard to believe how fast the time goes…it still takes my breath away.


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