Lots and lots of $$$$$$$$….

Who ever said babies aren’t cheap was absolutely correct!

As I watched Miss C sit on the floor playing with her huge slew of toys yesterday evening. It dawned on me…. she was no where near as excited or enthralled by these toys as she once had been months ago. Notice I said months ago… Yup that’s right. I’d say the last time we actually went out and picked her up a new and more age appropriate toy was at Christmas when she was 5 months old… She’s now 9 months. Yeesh! I deserve a huge slap on the wrist.

Since Miss C also needed an ample amount of 12 month sleeps, I decided today would be the perfect opportunity to hit up Once Upon A Child to get some sleepers and toys. I totally cleared out all of their 12-month sleepers that were on the rack… all 7 of them… and then I only found ONE lousy toy. The whole point of the trip was to get her toys, and I walked away with ONE. Ack! Maybe I have high standards… Who knows?! All I know is that I simply cannot afford a trip to Toys’R’Us right now to get her some other toys. Le sigh.

There’s a Mom-to-Mom sale happening in our area tomorrow morning, so I’m thinking I might try to hit that up depending on Miss C’s morning nap schedule. I think I need to… Desperately…

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