I first heard about the Mexican Layer Bake recipe when flipping through a copy of my What’s Cooking magazine years ago. I always thought it looked delicious, but was always so skeptical about making it. Like seriously how good could a Mexican-style tortilla lasagna really be?!

A few months back when I was hanging out with friends and this recipe happened to be brought up… they raved and raved about how delish it was. I was still skeptical to test out the recipe, but was getting more inclined to.

Finally last night, I took the plunge, dug up the recipe and made it for dinner.

This dinner was super easy to make. Anything easy is a bonus in this household right now… considering I have Lil’ Miss C to try to entertain as I prep dinner most nights. The prep took upwards of 20 minutes. It would have taken less time… BUT... I sliced my thumb straight down to the nail when I was dicing up the green pepper. Lovely!

Once everything was cut up, I cooked the ground beef, green pepper and onion on the stove until the ground beef was browned. Once browned, you then add in and combine the salsa, corn and chili powder and simmer for 5 minutes. (Note: The recipe called for two 10oz. bags of frozen corn… I used one). After that you begin the process of layering everything in the casserole dish.

Here’s a picture of the dish before it went into the oven… (Note: We LOVE cheese in our house, so I added a lot more than the recipe called for!)

Once in the oven. The dish took all of 30 minutes to bake. Towards the end of the 30 minutes, I did add a wee bit more cheese… But again that is only because we’re are total cheese lovers!

Here’s a picture of the finished product… Yumm-o!

The meal was absolutely delicious. Definitely my new favorite comfort food. It will certainly become a staple in our house!

It was a gorgeous evening last night, so after dinner we took advantage of the weather and sat out on the deck with the torches lit, enjoying a glass of my new favorite wine: The Beach House…. Which… ahem… I happened to polish off!

 All in all it was a great night. With great food, great wine, great company. Nothing could be better!

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