Feel guilty because you pretended to slave over a gourmet dinner for your hubby when you really ordered in because you just didn’t have time to cook? Or, feel bad that you slept through your childs night feeds because you were just that tired?!?  Don’t!  Just join me and all the other moms that are being brutally honest about all our shortcomings.  Head on over to Mckmama’s blog to join in the blog carnival fun and link up your “not me” Monday post.

Here’s how my week went down…

This past week I managed to get back into my work out regime, and began to become very accountable for my food consumption and vitamin intake. It’s not like I indulged in that whole apple pie sitting on my counter or those donuts that my husband bought for me to take to a play date that never happened. Nope, not me! At the very least I can take comfort in knowing that I did cut the alcohol consumption right down last week, and only enjoyed many a few on the weekend with the girls! There’s always this week to correct my epic fails, right?!

did did not continue to overplay Body Bounce by Kardinal Offishall this past week. Like I said last Monday, I love hate that song with a passion! Not me!

When I was with the girls on the weekend… I did did not get misty-eyed when:

  • pulling out of the driveway to head to KK’s house for a few nights on Friday night;
  • I messaged JM to check in and see of Lil Miss C was doing, and he responded mentioning that she was doing great and it was like she didn’t even realize Mommy was gone;
  • I saw her picture on my cell phones desktop;
  • all my girl friends began chatting about how adorable Lil Miss C is;
  • JM messaged to tell me how great of a time he was having with her;
  • I thought about how much I really missed my little cutie, and realized how hard it really is to leave your little one just for a few days.
  • I arrived home and Lil Miss C didn’t have the same excited expression and shake that she would have to  greet her Daddy with when he arrives home from work…

Nope, not me!

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