Yesterday afternoon I experienced a case of Mommy Brain… It seems to never fail me in the best of times. I had just arrived to the medical clinic for Little Miss C’s 9-month check-up. I was actually on time (for once!)… with 5 minutes to spare. We recently moved the convertible car seat into the middle of the backseat of my car. So after parking, I climbed into the backseat of my car behind the drivers side. Shut the door. That was when my ‘Oh Fuck!’ moment hit me. It completely slipped my mind that I hadn’t turned the child lock off on the back doors when I moved the car seat. I started to have a semi-panic attack. We’re starting to run late for our appointment. It was a scorcher of a day, and here I was stuck in the back seat of my car with my daughter. FML. Some how I managed to push the drivers seat forward a bit, and then I had to squeeze between the convertible car seat and the driver side seat, in order to get into the front passenger seat to exit the vehicle. It was quite the challenge… the little miss was quite amused by my bitching! Haha. At least someone found humor in the situation. Without a fail, we eventually got out of my car and to her appointment.

Never again – am I going to pull a brainiac move like that again! It is safe to say the child lock is now turned back to the off position.

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