If there is one thing that I know now, better than an I understood before… That’d be a Mother’s love. I never truly understood a Mother’s unconditional love for her child until I gave birth to Miss C. A Mother’s love is powerful and unwavering. It’s certainly something that cannot be easily described, especially using just a few words. A Mom loves with her entire heart, body and soul. A Moms love never dies once it’s been born.

This Mother’s Day I would like to send out a huge thank you and hug to all the Mom’s for everything they do, what they do and the love they feel. Being a Mom certainly isn’t always easy and does have it’s struggles, but in the end you look at your little one and realize how rewarding being a Mom truly is. Our children are such true little blessings! Be sure to give them an extra big squeeze the next time you see them.

I hope all the Momma’s and Momma’s-to-be out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow! Huge hugs to all!

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