My dear sweet child of mine…

As I sit here typing this… I’m listening to your tired cry over the monitor. You’ve been at it for heading on an hour now. Why, oh why… is it that you won’t nap? You know you want to give in to the urge and just sleep… so why the need to keep fighting it?

I understand your Daddy called the house 10 minutes after you initially went down for your nap, and made you stir… But you have to understand the ringing phone did not constitute as an alarm to wake you from what should have been a blissful afternoon sleep.

I’ve come up to see to you… I gave you a bottle… I shushed you and played with your hair… I gave you your lovey and your soother that you’d thrown across the crib… and you remained silent for all of 5 minutes… maybe with a coo here and there… I honestly thought there was hope. Hope that you’d drift off to sleep…. But you appear to have other plans for me, as I now hear your tired babble and cries persist.

Please, oh please – Just do Mommy this one little favor and go for a nap… That’s really not too much to ask… and then once your nap is done we can go out, play on the deck and enjoy this afternoon sun.

Love your ever-so-hopeful, Mommy.

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