So it’s still the weekend, and here I am experiencing a serious case of the Monday blahs. Awesome! I woke up this morning to find my dog has had the “slits” all night… The main floor was covered. Lovely! Following cleaning up that mess, I then had to tackle our disgusting disaster of a kitchen from our BBQ a few nights ago… and then see to starting the laundry… The list goes on. Needless to say I’m feeling like a bit of a grump. Coffee is needed… STAT!

The sun is shining, and it’s expected to warm up a lot today. Here’s hoping that the fact that it’s still the weekend and that we’re going to have some beautiful weather today will help cheer me up soon! Because at this rate I wish I’d never gotten out of bed.

“The day will get better and it will be awesome!” – I’m going to repeat that over and over again in my head until it sticks. Haha!

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