I’ll still never forget the day that someone took it upon themselves to haggle me for breastfeeding in a public place. It was a nice, mild September day… JM and I had decided to head down to the lake to enjoy a walk along the waterfront. JM had headed off to the pavilion to get us each a coffee, and while he did that I took the opportunity to sit down on the bench to breastfeed C. I had C breastfeeding in the cradle hold with a blanket tucked nicely over her… in no way was any part of me exposed. Honestly for all someone new, I was trying rock her to sleep. All was well in the world until an elder couple walked past me, and proceeded to attack me for breastfeeding in public. They thought it was the rudest and most inconsiderate thing I could have ever done. I was baffled. I had always had trouble coming to terms with being okay with breastfeeding in public… It was something I was very shy and nervous about. I had finally come to terms with it… and then this had to happen. Nice, huh?! Some people need to learn to get their heads out of their asses.

It continues to boggle my mind to this very day as to why certain people are so bothered with Mothers whom choose to breastfed their child. Honestly, if you have a problem with it… don’t look! Frig! How hard is it really?!

Anyhoo, this morning I came across a post on PhD Parenting, and I had to share it:
50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anywhere, Anytime

Here are a few of my fav points from the post…

9. Because a baby’s right to nurse is more important than your non-existent right to not have to look at things you do not like to look at.
24. New moms have enough to worry about in their sleep deprived state without having to make special arrangements in order to accommodate your opinion about how they choose to feed their baby.
35. Because breastfeeding should be seen as normal, and not something that needs to be hidden in the washroom or under a cover.

44. Because breastfeeding is beautiful and I’m sure there are more people who appreciate seeing babies being breastfed than there are people who oppose it.
45. Because mothers do not deserve to be belittled or humiliated when giving the best thing there is to their baby.

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