The weather the last few days have been AMAZING!! Temperatures reaching new April records at 28 degrees Celsius. It’s been gorgeous! The bonus in all of this is that it also happens to be a long weekend.

Yesterday JM and I made the spontaneous decision to take C to the Zoo for the second time. (Her first time to the Zoo happened to be when she was a little over 2 months old)… so this time around she was able to appreciate it that much more. The Zoo itself was a zoo. Everyone and their uncle seemed to be there and taking advantage of the milder temperatures… but all as well considering the beautiful weather had everyone in great spirits. C loved the Zoo. She has a huge love for animals, so she was quite in her element. It was adorable to see! After the Zoo, we met up with my MIL for a super yummy dinner at Alice Fazoolis. 

Today the weather was just as wonderful. JM spent the vast majority of the day working on cleaning out our garden, all whilst I played with C on the deck. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. After C went to bed this evening, JM and I managed to squeeze in time to enjoy dinner and a few drinks on our deck. Awesome!!!

As you can tell… This weekend has been totally fab so far and it isn’t even over yet. I can’t wait to find out what tomorrow has in store!!

Have a great night all! 🙂

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