Sooooo many people ask me on a day-to-day basis what my daily schedule looks like now that C is getting older…. So I figure rather than repeating myself a couple dozen times, I’d post it on here for everyone to view.

This is an outlook of a typical day in our house…

7:30AM – Wake, Change, Feed (5oz of Formula)
7:45AM – C plays in her pack’n’play while I shower and get ready for the day
8:30AM – Come downstairs, get C her breakfast (cereal, yogurt, toast, egg yolk, cheerios or a mix’n’match of a few), after feeding C get my breakfast and give C a few puffs to entertain her while I eat.
9AM – C plays in her Exersaucer while I clean up the kitchen.
9:30AM – Morning nap. I usually use this nap as ‘me’ time… so I’ll surf the Internet, watch TV, work out or just chill on the couch.
11 or 11:30AM – Wake, Change & Feed (5oz of Formula)
12PM – Lunch (jar of puree, handful of cheerios, cheese slices or a mix’n’match)
12:30PM – Baby circle time (We play, sing songs, dance, chat… just about everything)
2 or 2:30PM – Afternoon nap. I usually use this time to tend to the household duties (clean, file, bills, dinner prep, etc).
4:00PM – Wake, Change & Feed (5oz of Formula and snack (puffs, apple sauce, yogurt, Mum Mum… something)
4:15PM – Playtime and/or Walk.
5:30PM – Dinner (Jar and a 1/2 of puree and some pieces of cheese, puffs or cheerios, 3oz Formula)
6PM – Playtime.
7:30PM – Bath, Book, Feed (5oz of Formula), Bed.

**For the most part C sleeps through the night, but occasionally will wake around 5AM for a feed of 5oz of Formula**

Note: The schedule does have some flexibility too! We do attend playdates and other outings that may alter times of certain naps. The one nap that I refuse to alter though is the morning nap. If C doesn’t get her morning nap at home… then look out for all hell to break loose! 

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