I never thought I’d be happy to say it, but I’m FINALLY home and I’m loving every moment of it. Since welcoming C to the world, I’ve usually been so adamant about breaking free from the 4 walls… But tonight I’m actually happy to be surrounded by them.

The weather has been beautiful today. Perfect for a drive (despite the fact that I narrowly missed being t-boned by an elder man that ran a red while I was driving home), and for hanging outside on the deck all whilst the wee one played to her hearts content.

C has been so miserable the past few days, where it was getting to the point that I didn’t know what to do anymore… I was reaching my breaking point. She’s been teething pretty badly, but on top of it I think that with being away from home and missing Daddy it made her mood that much more off. Once we arrived home she was still quite fussy, but after a nap and getting to enjoy the outdoors until Daddy came home – she cheered right up.

Seeing her face light up when her Daddy walked through the door was amazing. She got so excited to the point that I don’t think she truly understood how to express it. It was like she wanted to cry happy tears, but didn’t know how. It completely melted JM’s heart.

JM treated us girls to a dinner out tonight. We went to Shoeless Joe’s and enjoyed a nice long walk after dinner. It was lovely!

JM is on night duty tonight, and hopefully I’ll be able to have a restful sleep. I haven’t been sleeping very well since the miscarriage…. But I’m hoping with my excessive lack of sleep from this past week that I’ll be able to wing an extra few hours of rest… One can only hope, right?!

Happy Thursday!!

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