There’s nothing more important in the world to me when shopping or just dealing with a company in general than receiving good customer service. Customer service is key in running a successful business, in my opinion… and in this day in age, it truly seems that it’s majorly lacking! Now companies usually aren’t the ones to blame for it, persay… It can also be to deal with employee moral or a number of other factors.

Yesterday morning C woke up quite earlier than normal and she was acting off. She’s about to cut her 9th tooth, so that would totally explain why she’s out of sorts. Anyway, we were in desperate need of groceries so I knew the inevitable would be that I had to take her out to the store with me. Upon arriving at the store, I grabbed a cart from the cart corral and proceeded to unload her from the car to put her in the cart. The moment I started strapping her into the cart, she began to freak and mean freak out. I quickly took her out of the cart and ended up carrying her around in her Snugli while I did the groceries. Not so easy when you’re dealing with a fussy baby!

Once we reached the cash register, the cashier insisted on unloading my cart, scanning the items through and then reloading my cart. I was completely caught off guard by this cashiers assistance, and friendliness. It’s not very often that you come across helpful, let alone friendly cashiers at the grocery store anymore. The cashier helped turn my shitty day into a great day in a matter of seconds… and all because of her nice deed! This is what I call great customer service!!!!

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