Doctors office just called. They managed to get the results of my betas that I had done yesterday. They originally figured that they wouldn’t be getting them until tomorrow, so that I probably wouldn’t hear back until after I returned from vacay. But all worked out!

Any who…. enough stalling… Here’s the update:

My HCG levels right now have decreased right down to 9. The decrease is a great sign. However, they need my levels to be at 2 before I can be off the hook for no further ultrasounds, etc. So they need me to go back in two weeks time to have my betas redone. If they happen to increase that could be as a result of remaining tissue or another pregnancy, hence why an ultrasound would need to be done to confirm should the decent of the numbers not continue.

This news is just what I needed to hear in order for me to be able to relax and enjoy my much needed vacation. I’m so glad my body knows what to do, and was able to handle a miscarriage naturally. Although it sucks that it had to happen to me (or anybody for that matter)… No one should have to endure the pain of losing a baby.

Anyway, I’m off… I need to finish packing and drop the pup off at the kennel. Catch up with you all again in a weeks time!

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