Well today is a day that will determine a lot for me medically with regards to my miscarriage. Since the miscarriage happened a month ago, I’ve had to go every two weeks to have repeat beta tests done and while the betas have come back showing a decrease in levels. My levels still hadn’t hit 0 as of April 7th. Today is my final beta test. Should the results from today not return at 2 or lower, then I’m going to need to go in for an ultrasound to check out why the numbers aren’t dropping, and should I have retained tissue then interventions will need to be done (which could mean an increase in my chance of infertility down the road). I know this is all worst case scenario… But I’m just a huge ball of nerves thinking about all the what ifs. I had my first visit from AF post miscarriage while I was away in Mexico, so that should only mean good things… But still that what if factor comes into play. While I just want my answers and for all this to be over with… I’m really scared all at the same time. I never thought all this could be so friggin’ hard.

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