Today marks Lil Miss C’s 9 month birthiversary! I can’t get over how quickly the last 9 months have gone by. Hell not just that… As of May 4th, I will have been off of work for 1 year. (For those who don’t know I got put off work early due to severe cramping and frequent mild contractions.) Regardless, this just proves how quickly time flies.

When I first went off work, I thought it’d feel like an eternity before I’d get to hold Miss C in my arms. Then once C was born, I thought it’d feel like an eternity before Miss C would reach 9 months… Now looking back on it, none of it actually felt like all that long ago. It all feels so recent, when in it really isn’t.

I’m now starting to focus on mapping out the details of Miss C’s first birthday party, which I’m sure is going to be ¬†here before I know it. My little girl is growing up sooo fast! Oh my god!

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