1. C’s 5th tooth broke through over the weekend. Her 6th tooth isn’t too far behind. JM took a look in her mouth, and her whole gum line of the top jaw is a sea of white. As much as it would be nice to get the teething stage done with sooner… I really feel for C, and hope that she is able to catch a break from it very soon. I can only imagine how much discomfort the poor girl is experiencing.
  2. I have a mind-splitting headache today. As you can imagine I have a lot of stuff on my mind, and haven’t been sleeping all that well lately. I really could just use a break from everything – just to be alone for a few hours… with simple quietness and no one nattering away at me. Honestly what I would love more than anything right now would be to have the luxury of being able to go for a LONG bath and curl up with a book… But looks like I won’t be getting to do something like that again for a while. My doctor has put me on bath restrictions until my bleeding stops. Until it stops I’m only allowed to use the shower… definitely not as relaxing. Apparently the bleeding can last upwards of 3 weeks too… Fun times, I tell ya… *sighs*

    (Normally I only write two things on Tuesday… But I have one more…)

  3. I had a follow-up appointment at the doctors office today. They still can’t confirm the pregnancy is over… Even when both the doctor and I know it is. The reason being is that my HCG levels came back high from the blood work I had to have done last Tuesday (right before the bleeding started, and two days before I miscarried). I wound up having to sit down in the lab for a good hour this afternoon to have my HCG levels retested. The doctor needs to see that my numbers are dropping, otherwise we have a major problem. I’m really hoping to hear that things have progressed on their own in that regards. I have been keeping an eye on my basal body temperature daily, and I can confirm that that has dropped drastically since last Tuesday – which is an excellent sign. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out the outcome… I just really want to get all this done and over with so I can focus on moving on with my life.

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