Hellllloooooooo out there!!!!

Yes, I’m still around. I’ve just been very busy. So much seemed to sneak up on us all at once over the past few weeks, and before I knew it I hadn’t posted on here in quite some time. Totally my bad!

We’ve been in the midst of making some major renos at our house. We’re converting out main floor laundry room to a bathroom, and creating a laundry room in our basement. It has been quite the project, let me tell you! JM and I had to spend a day cleaning out our backroom in the basement, and filled an entire U-Haul truck with junk to take to the dump… Now that is what I would consider a massive de-clutter. The renos are still in the works. So far we’ve started setting up the laundry room. There still some more electrical work that needs to be done before it is functional. After that is complete we can begin tackling the conversion of the main floor laundry to a bathroom. I can’t friggin’ wait!! Right now – if you need to go to the bathroom, you need to go to the top floor of our house… which yes isn’t that bad for JM or I, but it will pose a problem (however) when Lil’ Miss C starts to be potty trained.

Other than the renos… we’ve been busy with play dates, my birthday and Valentine’s Day. Like I said… Everything just seemed to sneak up on us!

I’ll try to make a point to post updates a little more frequently over the next little while. In the meantime, I need to cut this post short as “C” is going to wake from her nap any minute!!

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