Yesterday had to have been what I would classify as one of “those” days. It seemed like everything possible that could have went wrong… you guessed it…. went wrong!

I woke up with a migraine yesterday morning, and tried my best to put on a happy face for “C”… and I tried my best to involve myself in her playtime… But lets face it when you aren’t feeling 100% putting up a happy front isn’t the easiest thing to do. “C” was an angel though during the day… sure she fussed a bit, but that was warranted…

I’ve been craving Mongolian Beef lately, so I found what I thought was an amazing recipe for it… that could also be made in the slow cooker. Bonus!! Anything that can be made in the slow cooker gets an A+++++ from me. Well, I made it yesterday despite how shitty I was feeling. Let’s just say that had to have been the nastiest thing I think I have EVER made!!! I followed the directions to the “T”, and made ZERO modifications. The strangest thing was that the website I got this recipe from there was so much positive feedback for this recipe. Weird! When it came out of the slow cooker, I could’ve  sworn it was tar because that is exactly what it looked like. I served it over rice, had one bite and ended up throwing it all out. Blech!!

So given the day I had all I wanted to do once “C” went to bed was to take a warm bath, climb back into my jammies (I had worn them all day) and go to bed. “C” had other plans for me though. Last night had to have been one of those nights where she refused to go to sleep. I literally climbed into my nice hot bath only to get out 2 minutes later to tend to a screaming baby. Not very relaxing! I tried bouncing, rocking, pacing…. anything you could imagine… with “C”. But nothing could calm her down. Eventually I just brought her into my bed with me, and I snuggled her until she feel asleep. It worked like a charm even though she did go to bed an hour and a half after her original bedtime. No biggie though. It is very rare that “C” likes to snuggle anymore, so I’ll take it whenever I can get it.

There’s no point to this post really… other than that yesterday was one of “those” days…

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