That is the question…

“C” has had very mild congestion for the last two weeks. For the first little while she had all the cues to go along with it that would lead me to assume that she was teething… Pulling of the ears, nasal congestion, sleep regression, fussiness, diaper rash… But since Monday the congestion has worsened. She doesn’t have any other symptoms accompanying it though… no fever, cough or anything like that… Just congestion. For the first time ever my motherly instincts seem to have failed me because I can’t seem to determine whether this is teething or a cold. I mean really… how do you know the difference?!? Bah!

For the meantime, I’ve pulled her out of any play groups because the last thing I want to do is chance getting any other little ones sick.

We’re off to the doctor this afternoon to see what she has to say. Fingers crossed my original intuition serves me correct and it is simply the teething taking a toll on “C”. Only time will tell!

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