There is no better way to simply put how I’m feeling than tired… Actually no… Exhausted!!

On Saturday night, JM and I made the decision to let Little Miss C sleep a full night in her crib. For the last 5 months she had been sleeping in a bassinet on my side of the bed. I had such a hard time coming to terms with letting Miss C sleep in her room. I mean we had originally planned to make the transition once she turned 3 months… and clearly that didn’t happen. Cadence handled the move quite well. We began the transition about a month and a bit ago by starting her off in her crib from 7PM to whenever we’d head up to bed – then we’d bring her into our room. Me? Well, I didn’t cope so well with the change. I spent the whole night up worrying. I didn’t like that she wasn’t sleeping right beside me and that I couldn’t see her. She’s my baby – I didn’t want anything to happen to her. Silly irrational fears, I know… But acceptable. Last night, I slept a little bit better… but no a whole heck of a lot better.

I really hope this transition gets easier because right now it certainly isn’t feeling that way… 🙁

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