Crazy am I slowly going…. 6 5 4 3 2 1… SWITCH!

Yup – you guessed it… I’m dealing with a fussy baby! I spent the vast majority of yesterday afternoon dancing around my living room with Little Miss C in her Snugli. Typically if “C” is being fussy, if I just put her in her Snugli and walk around with her she usually will calm right down… But this was not the case. I tried everything from feeding her, changing her, playing with her, singing to her… you name it… I probably tried it… and nothing would calm her down. I eventually just had to put her to bed and let her cry it out. This morning I thought things were going to to be better, but it turns out that I clearly got my hopes up. “C” is still just as fussy.

I am assuming that “C” is teething because usually she is your happy-go-lucky baby, and not bothered by a whole heck of a lot. But then there is still part of me that isn’t sure. Hopefully the way today started off was a fluke, and it will get better. *fingers crossed*

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