I took “C” on quite a long walk this afternoon. The weather was milder than normal, and the sun was shining. It was hard to resist! When we got back I put her on her play mat with her Glo-bug  musical play gym and let her at it while I continued fixing up my dinner. “C” was cooing away as I was putting together my dinner. It was heartwarming to hear her so content and happy. I was almost done prepping my dinner when I realized the house was silent (well, other than the music on her gym playing). I peeked into our family room to find her passed out on the play mat. She looked so peaceful! I immediately had to whip out the camera and start snapping some photos. (Yep – that’d be the Momtographer in me showing through!) After snapping a few pics, I sat down on the couch and just couldn’t help but stare at “C” in awe. I can’t get over how much I love her, and I can’t get over how much unconditional love she had for me either. It is amazing how much someones life can change so quickly. I’m sooooo ridiculously happy!!!

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