I’m always trying to plan ahead, and have recently started researching ideas to occupy “C” once she hits the 12-month milestone. I’ve found one website that lists activities to play with toddlers in stages.  Here is the link for those interested: http://www.babycenter.ca/toddler/development/stimulating/letsplay/
I really like the ideas posted on this site because not only will they help further a toddlers skills, but it will help them discover new things all whilst having fun at the same time.

Currently one of “C” favorite things is when I lie her on her playmat and bring out her art cards… The art cards are abstract art in black and white… the shapes resemble animals. It is so neat to see how enthralled she gets in these cards, and you can just tell how much her mind starts flowing.

As I come across more sites, I’ll definitely add them here. Keep tuned!

Edit: Here is one other link for good measure… http://familyplayandlearn.com/

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