Today was such a great day! BUSY, but great.

C and I started off the day by going out for coffee with a Mommy & Baby Group that I recently joined. Whilst, I enjoyed coffee and the company of other Mommies… C slept in her car seat. It was so nice to encounter other adult interaction during the day. Following our coffee break, I took C out to visit with my Momma for her birthday. My Momma had no idea we were coming, and I think she was quite taken back and in awe by the surprise – which was nice.

I’m absolutely loving how much C and I have been getting out of the house as of late. I aim to take C out at the very least once a day. I find if I don’t we both tend to go stir crazy… which leads to us both not really being able to stand being around one another. Don’t get me wrong… I love being around C and everything, but when she gets fussy… I still have a hard time handling those sorts of situations. It can be sooooo heartbreaking, and frustrating all at the same time. Sooo keeping busy is certainly a common goal of mine, and it seems to be working (for the both of us).

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