You never really realize how much you should appreciate being able to up and leave the house until you have a baby… Well at least that is what I am finding. The past few days I have been making a point to get out of the house during the day. Monday was absolutely miserable, and I was at my wits end… No one should have to live like that or feel the way I did. So I took action… Yesterday Lil Miss C and I took a drive to visit with my Grandma. My Grandma was more than thrilled to have us. She made me lunch, and just sat and chatted the afternoon away with me. It was soooo nice! This morning my friend Lee called to see if I wanted to take Lil Miss C to the park with her and S. Their children were both able to go on the swings and everything… so even though Lil Miss C couldn’t do that… It was certainly still nice to be outdoors. It preserved my sanity.

Sooooo…. as you can tell the past few days have been soooo much better, and I am beginning to feel more myself again. Thank god for that!!!!

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