I’m so over sulking. Yesterday I spent a lot of the day moping around the house, and feeling sorry for myself. After they way my midwife appointment had ended, I was feeling pretty damn discouraged. I mean what woman wouldn’t feel that way if their midwife were to tell them that the likelyhood of going into active labour prior to their babys due date was unlikely?! They’re simply not a series of words that one wants to hear.

After much, much rest I woke up in better spirits this morning. I literally got close 12 hours of sleep overnight. Crazy, huh?! Especially for the girl who hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks. I decided that starting today I’m going to take things in my own hands, and I’m going to proactively try to naturally induce labour on my own terms.

This afternoon, I watched Ghost of Girlfriends past… But rather than slouching on the couch and snuggling with my pup… Instead I bounced and did pelvic rotates throughout the whole movie on my exercise ball. Once the movie was over I proceeded to climb 40 flights of stairs, and then went back to my exercise ball after that to watch Y & R and Jon & Kate. I plan to do another 15 flights of stairs before dinner. You might think I am crazy for doing all this, but honest to god… Do you know just how good it felt? I honestly felt so rejuvenated afterwards. Sure, my muscles are a little sore, but nothing that I can’t handle.

I also chatted with my Mom a little bit, and she highly doubts that I’ll go overdue or that if I do go overdue she doesn’t feel that it will be days overdue. I really hope she is right. Based on family history no one has really ever gone passed their due date by very far, if at all. So right now I’m going to get by knowing that Little Miss C will get here when she is ready.

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