Last night, JMK and I decided to go out for dinner. We sort of treated it as our last date night as a couple before Little Miss C arrives. With the cramping, and all that I have been experiencing… who really knows when our little bundle of joy might arrive?! So we figured we wouldn’t chance it, and fit in our date night now… just in case. We had a really nice time! I really enjoyed myself because I feel like I have been missing my husband lately with all the extra hours he is having to put in at work right now… Today is another one of those days. Thank god these hours don’t last forever and are just a temporary thing.

I guess it kind of works in his favor that he has to work today because I’m absolutely tired. I slept in until almost 11 this morning, and now it is shortly after 1 in the afternoon and I’m lounging on the couch watching old movies. Ahh the life! In all seriousness though, I’d much rather be purging the linen closet or doing something much more productive… I guess that would be my nesting urge shining on through…. However, I’m absolutely exhausted. I just hope this doesn’t last all day… Le sigh!

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