Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I tried to do some meditation. I heard from a fellow friend that sometimes meditation can help on-set things for labor to progress. I was envisioning the baby dropping down into position, and getting into place for the big event. What’s creepy is that as I was envisioning this all I could feel was a strange sensation down in my pelvic region. It felt like I could feel the babys’ head descending down and locking into place. It was ubber creepy. What’s twice as creepy is that out of no where as I was trying to snap out of the meditation trance another womans’ voice started chanting in my head ‘Wednesday’s the day, Wednesday’s the day’. Umm what?! What the heck is happening on Wednesday, and which Wednesday are we talking about?! Needless to say in order to shake the odd feeling, I had to get up out of bed and visit the bathroom. Thankfully that was enough to shake the sensations, so that I was able to drift back off to sleep. I just found this all soooo odd… Usually meditation doesn’t work for me… It makes me wonder….

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