I knew when I got pregnant that I would very quickly begin to lack in the sleep department. Trust me… I have been ever since I found out I was pregnant. Very seldom have I made it through a whole night with a decent amount of sleep since finding out the big news in November of 2008 (Gosh, that seems so long ago!). Starting today I think I have a whole new lease on how much I should have appreciated the sleep I have gotten up until recently. Starting last week I have been having a wicked time catching a decent amount of Zzz’s. I’d like to warrant that to my body preparing itself for what is to come, and boy oh boy… trust me I’m ready! For the past week or so… I’ve usually been heading to bed around 10:30PM. I finally drift off to sleep around 1AM (sometimes later), and after that I usually wake up every hour and a half either for another pee break or because I’m uncomfortable. Although, I miss my sleep… I always tend to think back to the reason I am missing out on it, and it brings a smile to my face. In just a few more weeks I’m going to be a Mommy!!! It will all be so worthwhile, then. =) I just don’t think I ever realized before getting pregnant that the whole lack of sleep thing actually began prior the baby being born.

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