To my surprise, my hubby called me on his way home from work on Saturday night and informed me that do to server issues he wouldn’t have to work on Sunday. I was elated! Especially given the JMK has to work 9 to 9 all week, this week. We decided to take advantage of all the extra time we would have together. On Saturday night, we went out to Casey’s for dinner. Yup, we had two date nights in a row! It was lovely to reconnect. On Sunday, we took a drive out to see my MILs new place… We were sure that if we hadn’t made the drive on the weekend to see her house that we probably wouldn’t have had the chance until well after the birth of Little Miss C. My MILs house is beautiful, and it certainly suits her lifestyle.

Now it is Monday… But the only problem is that it doesn’t feel that way! It feels like it should still be the weekend, and that there wasn’t enough time gone by for it seriously to be over. Bah! I can already tell this is going to be one helluva a long week.

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