This is totally going to be a pity post… I am not going to lie! People who read this may even think I’m being slightly ridiculous, but please keep in mind I am hormonal and very pregnant.

So my husband just called me from work to inform me that a co-worker’s wife just had a baby. Great news – congrats to them! But whilst I am happy for them, I find myself sitting here crying. Why? Because I’m beginning to feel like everyone around me is having their babies, and I’m just stuck here waiting and waiting and waiting. His co-workers wife wasn’t due until the middle of friggin’ August… August! It is now only the middle of July! Here I am at 39 weeks with 7 days until my due date and I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m sleeping better. I have a ton more energy. I’m getting tons of shit done (blame the nesting). It feels hard to even believe that my due date is in 7 days time, and it kind of worries me. I know there is a chance I could go overdue… It is very common with first borns… I’m just having a hard time believing that statistic when I sign on to the forum that I frequent daily and most of the girls due this month have had their little ones arrive early. I just think that today maybe JMKs announcement to me about his co-worker was the icing on the cake… the tip to the ice berg persay… which may be why I find myself sitting here feeling so fucking discouraged.

I know it is uber silly that I am even crying about this, but I can’t help it — so I’m just letting it out. Oh, and it also doesn’t friggin’ help that JMK came home from work on Friday evening telling me that his supervisor and manager wished him ‘good luck’ because they just knew they wouldn’t be seeing him in the office on Monday… Well, umm… hate to break it to you… It’s Monday and JMKs at the office!

I think maybe I am getting so worked up because of my nerves. I’m feeling a whol slew of emotions that I just can’t explain. I’m soooo excited to meet my little girl, and that is all I can really think about these days. I can’t wait to look down at her and hold her for the first time… It will be such a beautiful moment. I know in my heart she will come when she is ready… it is just a matter of time… The waiting part is just the hardest.

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