It’s Friday already?! Who would of thunk that I would ever say that… Especially since I have been put on sick leave! This past week has gone by so bloody fast. Holy shit! I’m guessing that’s what happens when a pregnant woman starts her crazy nesting regime. Seriously all week it has been so hard for me to just sit around and do nothing, even when I have had that urge to want to sit and do nothing, I haven’t been able to. This week I’ve managed to do the following…

  • clean the interior and exterior of my car;
  • written and mailed the “thank you” cards from my baby shower;
  • weed the gardens;
  • baking;
  • system care on our PC;
  • pull out all the appliances and clean behind them;
  • thoroughly vacuum the house (twice); and,
  • purge the linen closets and prepare bags for CDA to pick-up.

Plus on top of all that I’ve also taken my dog out for a very long walk (by myself too!), sat on an exercise ball and done pelvic rotates while watching TV (usually Y & R), and worked out (it may only be to the Wii Fit program, but damn I break a good sweat each time!).

Usually each night I feel quite tired, but otherwise I’ve been feeling pretty good. I’ve noticed that when I’m just standing around I feel a lot of pressure in my pelvic region… But nothing that otherwise indicates that Little Miss C will be on her way soon. Yesterday morning, I had some mild cramping off and on, but clearly here I am now so nothing has become of it!

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