I never realized in how much of piss-off mood I was today until about an hour ago. About an hour ago I was lounging on my couch and watching TV. I took note that the two little girls next door decided to proceed outside and play what is their idea of volleyball with a completely deflated basketball. They were being quite noisy… Which usually I can blow off. However, this afternoon I found it to be really agitating. Probably because I’m feeling quite under the weather.

About 45 minutes into their playtime and romp around with the ball I heard a huge bang and then all the noise stopped. What followed after was the slam of their back gate, and I could hear the clicking of what I assumed was mine. The idiots were clearly trying to get into my backyard to salvage their ball. They must have tried to open my back gate for seemed like 5 minutes before they proceeded around front and rang my doorbell.

When the bell rang, my pup went haywire (of course!). So I had to struggle to hold him, and open the door. When I opened the door, the girl asked if I could rescue her ball. I told her ‘yea’ and proceeded to ask her if her and/or her sister were trying to get into my backyard. The little girl blamed her sister right away and told her these exact words ‘I told you that wasn’t a good idea’. Ummm yea think?!? I proceeded to tell them that had my dog been outside in the backyard and they had gone back there that, that in itself would have been a disaster. I also mentioned that because of their recent antics that we have had to deadbolt our gate to keep them out of our yard. I think I scared them shitless.

Now looking back at it I think I could have handled the situation better, but at the time I was so furious and annoyed. Like use your head… You know I have a big dog… What makes you think it is safe to go waltzing into my yard to rescue your ball?! What if the pup had been outside… Seriously! My pup is very protective of our house and yard… He isn’t the vicious type, but still that is besides the point… These are little girls we are talking about.

Ugh… I think I need to go back to bed!

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