Yesterday can officially be chalked up to be a complete and total write-off… Yup you heard me… It is like it didn’t happen, but yet it did. I spent most of the day feeling crampy and nauseated while moping around the house. I had so much I had wanted to do, but just didn’t feel up to bringing myself to do a damn thing based on how I was feeling. Oh plus, I was in a really bad mood! Which is all fine and dandy. We are all entitled to having one of those days. Plus with the big d-day approaching it is probably best that I catch up on as much rest as possible.

Today had a little bit of a different outcome then yesterday. I slept in until shortly before 11AM; so, by the time I was up and ready for the day it was a little after the noon hour. Not bad, if you ask me. I ended up getting the vast majority of my house cleaning done. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m super anal about having a clean house. I just need to do the vacuuming tomorrow and I will be all caught up. I even managed to catch up on several shows today that I haven’t had the chance to watch in a long while. It honestly feels like such a productive day. I’m still not feeling 100%. I’m not as crampy, but more so just nauseated — except today I can actually bring myself to want to consume food and beverages.

Oh… and it also turns out that JMK won’t be having to work those 12 hour days after all. His manager is extremely happy with the progress the team is making on the huge year-end project at work that he has informed employees that they now only have to stay until 7PM (rather than 9PM)… this way they can perserve their energy for the weeks to come as they will be busy. Hooray! JMK still won’t be home at a decent time, but sooner to say the least… which means I’ll have a little more time to spend with him each day. I couldn’t be happier!

Yes, I realize today’s post was completely and totally pointless… But heck today has been a good day and I felt like writing about it. =)

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