Ugh… Today’s appointment did not go over very well. What should have been a half an hour appointment wound up being a 3 hour appointment. Currently I’m measuring 40 weeks, and my cervix is still high, closed and soft. When the midwife tried to do the fetal heartbeat reading today, there wasn’t one at first. After attempting to locate the heartbeat for a few minutes she had me lie on my side and went to talk to another midwife in the clinic to get her opinion on how to proceed. My midwife came back into the examination room about 5 minutes later, and re-attempted to locate the heartbeat. She located it, but it started out slowly and eventually accelerated from 80 to 150 beats per minute. I had to do another non-stress test, which did come back as reactive. My midwife wants to send me for an emergency bio-physical ultrasound tomorrow at the hospital, so I now get to sit at home and wait for the call. This definitely isn’t how I envisioned I would be spending my due date… I’m terribly concerned and there is nothing I want more right now then to be holding my little girl in my arms. =(

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