So today I saw my midwife for my 39 week check-up. Little Miss C is doing great. Her fetal heart beat was measuring between 140 to 150 beats per minute. My midwife performed an internal exam today, as well. Little Miss C’s head is very, very low… BUT (yes, there’s a but) — my cervix is still very high and to the back. The midwife was going to attempt to do a stretch & sweep today to get things started, but since the cervix is so high she was unable to reach it and check. So therefore, I don’t even know at this rate if I have any progress in dilation or effacement. Bah! I had informed the midwife that I have passed globs of white gooey discharge over the past few days, and she confirmed that… yes, that could be the beginnings of me losing my mucus plug… however she couldn’t confirm. I asked my midwife if things could change with my cervix quickly, and she said that they could, but she doesn’t think I’ll go into active labour on my own by this weekend. So discouraging considering my due date is Monday! =( I really hope things start progressing on their own really soon… I’m running out of ways to keep myself busy and the waiting is going drive me batty!

The midwife did talk about inductions today too. If I don’t have the baby on my own before August 6th, then I have to go for a bio-physical profile ultrasound… then I’ll probably start being induced on the 7th. I’d prefer to think that Little Miss C will come on her own before then!

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