Yesterday I had my 38 week check-up with the midwives. (Clearly I was too pissed off with my neighbors to even care to write about it! *whistles*) The appointment went so much better than last weeks appointment. Hooray for that! Little Miss C’s heartbeat was good and strong. She is still head down, but apparently she has flipped from my left side to my right side… no biggie though! Baby’s are known for that – it can even commonly happen during labor.  The midwife did perform an internal. Frig, those are bloody painful! Little Miss C’s head is low, but my cervix is still pretty far back and closed. The midwife told me not to feel discouraged, as apparently things can change very quickly at this stage in the game. I guess it is just a little daunting because on this one pregnancy forum I am on it feels like so many July Mommies are either going early or have some sort of dilation or effacement to report… But I can’t say the same about me! I really hope things progress a bit by my appointment next week.

Today is a gorgeous day. It isn’t too hot or muggy, so I’m thinking I may make the most of it and try to get some gardening done. Perhaps, all that squatting will get the little one to move down some more!! Haha.

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