I can’t believe it is Friday already! Holy crap – this week has gone by fast… Well, for me it has at least. My poor hubby has to work all weekend, so I’m sure tomorrow it won’t quite feel like Saturday or anything like that. Oh well…

Yesterday, I took a drive down and visited with my Mom. It is always nice to spend time with her. I don’t feel like I ever get to see her enough. She is on holidays this week, so I figured it was best to take advantage of the opportunity and visit while I still can easily just pack up and go places. I ended up staying at her place for dinner, and we enjoyed a yummy BBQ (top sirloin, scalloped potatoes, and corn on the cob)… Oh and I had some leftover cake from my baby shower for dessert too! All in all, it was a very nice day and just what I needed.

I have been having menstrual-like cramping and lower back pain off and on since Sunday night. The cramping has been fairly mild, but not something that can be easily ignored. From what I have read, this could be attributed to pre-labor symptoms. However although it may be pre-labor it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll go into labor any time soon. It could still be days or even a few weeks until the big day. Whatever the day may be I can’t wait. I’m extremely excited to meet my little girl! =)

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress…

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