The title says it all…. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant! It is such an amazing feeling, and it is such blessing. Sure there are some things about pregnancy that aren’t as enjoyable (i.e. morning sickness, swelling, cramping)… But nothing that isn’t worth enduring. I’m now 34 weeks, and before I know it my little one will be here and in my arms. I can’t wait to meet her!

Today, JMK and I visited my MIL. The weather was gorgeous, so we took advantage of it and spent the vast majority of the day by her pool. It was lovely! I indulged in way too much yummy food (Fruit with Chocolate Dip and Chinese Food) and Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer. MIL is moving in a few weeks, so this will probably be the last time that we get to enjoy the summer poolside at her place. It’s kind of bittersweet, but MIL is moving on to bigger and better things… so we are extremely happy for her. Today has been a great day!

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