Oh one of the lovely joys of pregnancy… Water retention! You can’t live with it, you can’t live without… Well, when you are pregnant that is! Over the past few weeks I have been blessed with the wonderful joys of swollen legs and cankles… Yes, you read that right… CANKLES! When I first noticed my feet swelling… I was all ‘How bad can it really get?!’. Let me tell you I completely retract that comment, especially this week.

This week marks the start of summer; And, with that comes the extreme temperatures and humidity. My midwife told me when I noticed swelling to try not to sit down or stand up for long periods of time, and to lie down when possible and go for walks. Also… Drink plenty of water because the more water you drink – the less your body retains. Let me tell you, I’ve been keeping up with all this advice and yet by the end of the day my feet have become sooo swollen that you can no longer see my ankles, and I get the lines of rolls starting in my feet. So gross! Oddly enough though my hubby thinks it is cute… Could someone please forward him the memo about how water retention is in no way adorable… AT ALL!!!

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