I saw the midwife this afternoon. Everything looks great! Little Miss C is measuring exactly 36 weeks (Perfect!… Considering I am 36 weeks along). I had to do the Group B Strep Swab Test today. My results should be in next week, and hopefully they will be negative. It is no biggie if they are positive… It will just mean that for my whole labor I will have to be hooked up to IV. I’d rather not be stuck bed side my whole labor… Certainly isn’t in the birthing plan.

I started having some menstrual-like cramps last night that were lasting 4 minutes and coming on in intervals of 15 minute durations; accompanied with picket fence pains in the perineum area. It subsided with rest, but regardless I felt it was certainly something I should bring up to the midwife. Given my symptoms from last night, the midwife decided to do a cervical internal examination. The last thing we want at this stage is for me to go into preterm labor. I’m officially full-term next Monday, so if the baby wants to come early… hopefully she can wait until then. No biggie, if not. The midwife did inform me after the cervical examination that the baby’s head is very low (which is a good thing – it means that my labor should be easier considering), but that my cervix is still closed. Things can change very rapidly though… So I will keep everyone posted.

I guess this means I really should finish packing my hospital bag!!!! *whistles*

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