Yesterday afternoon I had my ultrasound appointment. The ultrasound technician that I had was amazing (one of the best yet!). I don’t think I could have ever felt anymore comfortable. So much has changed since my midwife appointment on Monday. Little Miss C has finally made the big turn, and is now in the head down (anterior)  and engaged. Yay! I couldn’t be any happier. I get to plan on having a natural birth now, rather than not knowing if it’d go one way or the other. The ultrasound tech said that everything looks great with the babe (apparently she is an extremely active one), and that she is very clearly getting ready to make her grand entrance into the world soon.

I’m getting soooo much more excited about meeting her as my due date draws nearer. Perhaps, in the meantime I should get my butt in gear and start packing my hospital bags and get all her clothes washed. I have been putting it off for wayyyy too long now!

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