Seriously, it feels like my husbands goal over the last few days has been to drive me crazy… I would use the saying ‘drive me to drink’, but that wouldn’t be fit given my whole preggo-stage and everything. I don’t know if it is the crazy humidity or the longer hours he is working as of late… But honestly over the past week it is like he has just stopped using his brain… And he has been in such an attitude-filled, must-annoy NK mood. Ahhh!!! I’m about to freak out, seriously.

Being stuck at home all day by myself isn’t fun, and I usually really look forward to the end of the day… But if his moods keep up, I’ll be happy that he is working late. It is not like I can talk to him about this though because I’ve tried and he sees nothing wrong with his moods and actually will get frustrated because ‘I’m on his case’ or ‘I’m the one that is moody’. So I just let it go… There is no winning here! I know it is a phase and he is going to grow out of it… Things will go back to normal… But I just needed to vent and get this off my chest…. Ahhhh!!!!!

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