JMK and I decided to take our pup for a nice long walk along the waterfront today. And, when I say long walk… I mean like a 5 kilometer walk. I didn’t think I had it in me. Ha! Ha! The pup loved it. We let him off the leash to splish splash in the lake a little, and my gawd has the dog grown a back bone since last summer. Last year he was petrified of swimming in the lake; and well this year… he went running in on his own accord. It was hard enough to get him out. Of course, as you can imagine, we took a ton of pictures to remember the day by.

After we were finished enjoying the day by the lake, JMK and I decided to hit up Baskin Robbin’s for a scoop or two of ice cream. I really had wanted the Hokey Pokey, but they didn’t have it… so instead had to make due with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Ice cream is ice cream though, so whose complaining?! Haha.

All day I couldn’t help but think about how soon we will be taking Little Miss C out for day trips like this with us. It seems so surreal, and I am totally looking forward to it!

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