After work today, I decided to take a drive up to Thyme Maternity. I rarely ever spend money on myself, and I figured with how stressed out I’ve been recently I deserve it. Plus, I also really needed to make my first maternity bra purchase. Yipes! There is nothing I don’t enjoy more than bra shopping… It can be so frustrating. Haha.

Anyway, I was in the change room trying on some bras, and a few cute tank tops I had scooped up. This one tank top I tried on seemed a little tight around my medium sized baby bump. I tried on the fake belly under the shirt too, and it made the tank ridiculously tight. I asked the store manager if they had any other of the tank in a size larger than what I had on. The manager asked how far along I was, and I told her “6 and a half months”. She responded and told me that they didn’t have any sizes larger in the top that I have on, and not to worry too much about the size because I’m not going to get much bigger… I already look almost full-term.

I couldn’t believe it. Haha. I am only 28 weeks along, which means I have 12 weeks to go… So uh yea… I think I’m going to be growing A LOT more over the next 12 weeks. If not, I’d be concerned. Silly sales person! 

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