Yesterday, I had my 4-week follow-up appointment with the midwives. Lil Miss C is growing beautifully. The midwife was able to feel Lil Miss C, and she is still lying breech. My appointments are now going to be every 2 weeks, so the midwives are going to monitor her until 34 weeks and if she hasn’t moved into proper position by then, then they will be sending me for an ultrasound. I’m not too concerned about all of this yet.

I was telling the midwife about some cramping I have been experiencing. The cramps start up when I am standing or walking around, and they can be so intense that I have waves of nausea or lightheadness come over me. They only seem to subside when I sit or lie down. Anyway, the midwife has decided to put me on sick leave for the remainder of my pregnancy. While pre-term labour is not very common, it is a concern of the midwife’s, so she wants me resting and not exerting myself.

I had to call one of my bosses’ yesterday afternoon, and pass on the news. It was extremely hard for me to do. The last thing I wanted was to screw them over. They haven’t even started looking for my replacement yet. I just keep reminding myself that being on sick leave is what is best for the health of Lil Miss C and myself. Tomorrow I have to go in and pick up my ROE and my belongings. It’s going to be bittersweet. I hope my pregnancy hormones don’t get the best of me tomorrow, and that I can maintain my composure. 

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